Good Selection Drives Down Costs
and has a wide ranging impact on your business

Over 25 years Campbell Birch has developed its world-wide reputation for leading the field in the recruitment of Commercial Contracts Managers and Commercial including Bid, Legal and Procurement professionals and Leadership for the technology sector: IT, Communications, Space and Defence Technology, and for selected global IT users such as Financial Services, Energy and Utilities, Transport and Retail. We bring to the table exclusive expertise in interviewing and shortlisting, candidate and job skills profiling, salary and benefits surveys, and consultancy.

We have a code of practice which offers all candidates the same quality of personal care, consultancy and support that we offer to our corporate customers, and aim to build a long term relationship with you.

At no charge we offer all professionals career guidance and skills profiling, and guarantee to uphold the highest professional and ethical standards in the way in which we present applications.

We offer you a different service, there is a real need for a type of consultancy in recruitment that builds long term relationships with both candidates and clients. We offer an individual service, many companies talk about this, but we genuinely mean it. We want our name to be the first one candidates and clients think of.

Delivering seamless and consistent services world-wide

Fast access to precisely matched talent
Value Added Capability
Bespoke solutions for individual business needs
Skills profiling every applicant
Sector Expertise
Outsourced support for professionals in transition
Innovative Solutions for maximum benefit from interim employees
Building talent pools and pipelines for large teams

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Suzanne Birch holds the Copy and IP rights to a unique skills profiling system for commercial, contracts and procurement professionals, used as part of the shortlisting process supporting recruitment and other services to customers world-wide, and which is shortly to be launched as a SaaS product called Human Asset Intelligence (HAI).

The next generation of automated HRM and Recruitment is here…

Explore how you can reach your business goals with HAI

Phenomenal cost and time saving recruitment automation that

Delivers accurate and accelerated matching to position descriptions
plus identification of best three (or more) qualified applicants
Automates work flow that is currently manual and time-consuming
Significantly improves interview/offer/acceptance ratios
Reduces executive hours invested in the interview process
Enables Recruiters to process more applications/interviews
Databases applicants for quick selection against future vacancies
Especially helpful recruiting applicants in or from other regions

An HR tool that

Empowers HR and Leadership to manage Ethnicity and Gender pay policies fairly
by an exact recording of skills required for the role and individual skills profiling
Assesses individual team member professional and soft skills, strengths and weaknesses
Continuous updating aids monitoring of skills development
Identifies employees that match new job vacancies or promotions
Mergers/lay-offs: Identifies professionals for talent retention

Employers can skills profile individuals or teams, locally and globally

Detailed and accurate profiling of highly skilled professionals across the workforce
Prepares individuals to invest in self-improvement
The added benefit of employee self-confidence and thorough understanding capability and potential


Innovative data analysis enables optimal business planning

Provides new Function Managers with immediate detailed individual or team competencies, local or global
Presents analysis to enable optimal utilisation of team and individual skills, local or global
Creates reports on current functional capability against long term corporate/regional business plans
The fastest tool on the market for matching individuals to emergency response teams
Identifies training needs and internal expertise to utilise for training/mentoring

The extended market potential

Currently for Commercial, Contracts and Procurement professionals with a global vertical expansion potential
to corporates employing many other types of highly skilled professionals, and horizontally to RPOs
(Recruitment Process Outsourcing), IT Services, Recruitment Agencies, HRM (Human Resource Management)
Solutions, vendors of Recruitment/Employee Databases, the Health Sector (Nursing in particular), O&G
Upstream and Downstream experience, and other sectors employing highly skilled workers.

Service to Individuals – Your skills passport

Individuals can also sign up to skills profile themselves. These are highly skilled people who are prepared to
invest in understanding their professional capability and in self-improvement.
An individual with an account can transfer the skills profile to a new employer’s system.
An individual leaving an employer system can transfer the skills profile out into a personally held account.

To download the HAI At a Glance document click here

© HAI/Human Asset Intelligence is a trading name owned by Campbell Birch International to develop and market the unique skills profiling system copyright Suzanne Birch, all rights reserved 1997-2019. Campbell Birch International holds the Copy and IP Rights to the name HAI/Human Asset Intelligence and associated data analysis and services as described in this web site and other marketing documentation/marketing projects.

Customer trials will run June and July 2019

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